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“The heart says, it yearns for it, yet mind just doesn’t allow..

Lets find a middle way my friend, so both declare it, WOW !”



Hi friends ! This is my first blog to promote fitness along with some poetry. Hope you all support me, the way you have always encouraged me for my poetry blogs.

Well ..! Food not only has the function of giving energy to your body, but is also completely responsible for satisfying your taste buds. In other words, it is supposed to give us happiness too.

What if someone tells you..”Eat some yum food to lose weight !” ?

Can food make you thin?

In today’s world where everything is adulterated, eating and staying fit appears to be a challenge. It’s not that the good things don’t exist, it’s just that we don’t have the time and energy to find out what is good for us and how can we make the most of it.

Though a dental surgeon by profession, I am also a certified nutritionist and a dietitian, who loves to stay fit by eating what i want, just in a little different way. So my work that starts in mouth, doesn’t end there. As they say, Mouth is the gateway to your health.

In the blogs to follow under this heading, i will be sharing with you some very interestingly customized recipes of the food which we generally crave for but are not able to eat, as they are tagged NOT SO HEALTHY.

Each recipe will have generally approximate ingredients, since i feel we should cook the food according to our taste buds. Along with that, the benefits of the ingredients will be generally discussed so that you are delighted, eating what you cook.

Then i can say, i am here to make you bake your own cake and eat it too!

So let’s begin this journey…



A lover of God's creations, a professional by choice but a writer driven by passion. Infinity is the word that makes me wonder where we belong to and that makes me write. A dental surgeon, nutritionist, dietitian, content writer, lover of French language, i believe that life is a process of continuous exploring and learning.

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