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Chillies.. Say it all..

Ah let me show them how important it is, to wear the masks as safety saves..

It’s a matter of sometime dear ones, to a healthier future then the way slowly paves.

Social distancing is hard with loved ones, ‘ cause you are bonded, and feelings are now obscure..!

But remember you need to stay strong in adversities, be prudent, be mature…!!


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Chewy and Delicious Oats and Walnut Cookies

When healthy gets tasty..!

Some things, just don’t require an introduction. You name them and they say “Hey we are healthy !”

Oats walnut cookies are healthy and fantastically delicious. These crunchy and yet soft cookies that you cant stop eating, can give any cookie in the world, a run for their money.

Oats and walnuts are known for multiple benefits.

They are incredibly nutritious, rich in antioxidants and fiber so, not only help fight cholesterol and sugar levels but also help lose weight. Loaded with important vitamins and minerals they are believed to help avoid childhood asthma.Well you can also apply them in certain forms externally for glowing skin. So, not bad at all.

Oats-Walnut Cookies

As usual i gather the very basic things and use my all time favorites like olive oil, cinnamon and multigrain flour to make these sumptuous cookies. The recipe is very versatile like all my other recipes so just enjoy making them.

Lets collect

2 cups of standard oats

1 cup of walnut kernals

1 tbsp cinnamon powder

2 tbsp multigrain flour

1/2 tbsp baking powder

1/2 cup of honey ( that is according to my taste buds so you can add some brown sugar if you want them sweeter)

1 whole egg beaten

4 tbsp olive oil ( you can use butter if you want)

1/2 cup of toned cold milk

Few raisins if you want

Lets do it

I have my six simple steps to tell you

  • dry roast the oats and walnuts separately for 5 minutes on low flame
  • once cool, crush them coarsely in a grinder
  • place them in big container and mix flour and baking powder followed by egg, honey, olive oil and raisins (if you want)
  • mix well with finger tips and add milk just enough to make a dough consistency
  • make small balls, slightly flatten them
  • brush them slightly with milk/olive oil/butter and bake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees for 15-20 minutes. I turn them somewhere in between.
  • when brown, take them out and cool

ENJOY THESE YUMMY COOKIES THE WAY YOU WANT TO. They taste wonderful with hot coffee, i mean if you can save some till then..!


You can add any other nut too or you can replace the walnuts completely if you want.

You can add vanilla or any other essence of your choice if you are not fond of cinnamon.

You can add cocoa powder for some chocolaty feel.

My GOLDEN THUMB RULE while cooking is –

“Follow no rules and take no stress,

If you enjoy doing it, it can never be a mess.”


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“The heart says, it yearns for it, yet mind just doesn’t allow..

Lets find a middle way my friend, so both declare it, WOW !”



Hi friends ! This is my first blog to promote fitness along with some poetry. Hope you all support me, the way you have always encouraged me for my poetry blogs.

Well ..! Food not only has the function of giving energy to your body, but is also completely responsible for satisfying your taste buds. In other words, it is supposed to give us happiness too.

What if someone tells you..”Eat some yum food to lose weight !” ?

Can food make you thin?

In today’s world where everything is adulterated, eating and staying fit appears to be a challenge. It’s not that the good things don’t exist, it’s just that we don’t have the time and energy to find out what is good for us and how can we make the most of it.

Though a dental surgeon by profession, I am also a certified nutritionist and a dietitian, who loves to stay fit by eating what i want, just in a little different way. So my work that starts in mouth, doesn’t end there. As they say, Mouth is the gateway to your health.

In the blogs to follow under this heading, i will be sharing with you some very interestingly customized recipes of the food which we generally crave for but are not able to eat, as they are tagged NOT SO HEALTHY.

Each recipe will have generally approximate ingredients, since i feel we should cook the food according to our taste buds. Along with that, the benefits of the ingredients will be generally discussed so that you are delighted, eating what you cook.

Then i can say, i am here to make you bake your own cake and eat it too!

So let’s begin this journey…