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A Marvel

Mother is the power that in a Goddess resides,

She’s the one who never ever denies.

Her magnificence is unpretentious, she just knows how to love,

Her splendor is colossal, her aura as flawless as a dove. “

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Enigmatic October

Let’s walk into this golden month,

Where the hues are magically mystic.

The skies have an orange splendor,

And the trees make the earth artistic.

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Why should I not rejoice..

YOU are my golden feather.. !

My destiny is in your hands..

YOU have always made me sail through the rough weather.!!


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Adiyogi, Isha Ashram

Colossal is your expanse, I am just a minute drop in your enormous ocean,

Glorious are your ways, I’m your ardent disciple and you are the spectacular pivot to my devotion. “