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The Isha Army

Life at Isha Yoga Centre is like living in a world away from the world. It is so much like an army cantonment. Well organized, full of conviction, intensity and optimism.

Just the way military units are organised and work towards a common goal for the safety and security of our nation, here the various departments join hands to make us realise what Sadguru says,”to make any endeavor truly successful, integrity, inspiration, and insight are integral. “

The soldiers here are the volunteers, thousands of them, who strive to make the world a better place to live in.

Brahmacharis take place of the Commanding Officers in Isha. They are there tirelessly. Always strong yet composed, always passionate about their work , along with the well being of entire centre.

Sadhguru is the Chief of this army… I don’t need to mention that..!! Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, spiritual leader, a mystic, humanitarian, social activist and founder of the Isha Foundation.

Qualification here is in terms of courses.too, for example “I am BSP, are you Sadhnapadha? “

People from various communities and places are here. First question anyone would ask is ” You are from? “Just the way army folks ask each other.

Sarv Dharm Stambh in front of Dhyan Linga here replaces the Sarv Dharm Sthal in army cantonment

Everyone is friendly and each one has a smile. All walk with a sense of responsibility. One message and they are all together. Always enthusiastic, always ready for the next project.

PT and game time here is sadhana time. They all stay fit with their asanasas and kriyas.

Early morning one can hear the various chants. The swaying flowers, tall trees, and lotus in the ponds, make the atmosphere magical. Well cantonment has its own sounds of hustle and bustle of soldiers in the morning amidst the birds chirping. Both have busy mornings.

People here don’t bother about materialistic comforts, their cups are always overflowing with enthusiasm and happiness.

Cycles can be seen here and there. But they don’t mind a walk or even a run anytime.

Anyone who’s willing to make a difference, can join here as a soldier, they have big hearts. You just need to be fit.

They’re self sufficient just the way army guys are. The greens and nature flourish and are taken care of by the soldiers here.

Visitors are allowed to come and enjoy the ISHA yoga Centre. Though Army Cantonment doesn’t allow it for known reasons but yes the army takes care of visitors in difficult terrains like mountains and deserts, where without help survival becomes difficult.

Jai Hind here is replaced by a subtle Namaskaram. You can connect to just anyone with this little warm gesture.

Peace of a nation and exuberance within each human, the objective of these two armies may appear different but they function almost in a similar way proving that in the pursuit for happiness, we all need to be together.

Love being at both the places. They have inspired me to introspect. And I think that’s all we need to do.


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Endowed Humanity

Who says thinking about past and future is not worth it, that’s the way to nurture our memory and imagination,

To relive happiness anytime we desire, and the power to create what you envisage, is dynamism, not an aberration. “


Inspired by Sadguru

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Vanishing Hues

Not everyone can see the fading colors of my feelings..

May be they are getting washed away with my tears..

The love that I had for you dear humans..

Is slowly getting replaced with fears.”


A painting by Jai.

When asked, why it had missing colors, this 11 year old, said.. “He is crying so his love( colors) is flowing away.