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The Magic Potion

Water is what makes us all, and we can replenish it with ease,

It cures, it heals, it rejuvenates us, like it’s done to the air by trees.

Add a dash of mint or just a lemon slice and some sparkling ice if you desire,

It exhilarates the body in just a blink and soothes all the fire.



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The Flight

Moments of your life are flying away..

Cherish each of them galore..

Aspire, achieve and live each day..

‘Cause your time is limited, you won’t get more.”


As captured by Sujay

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Why should I not rejoice..

YOU are my golden feather.. !

My destiny is in your hands..

YOU have always made me sail through the rough weather.!!


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Tune It In

Dance to the tune of life or learn to play it on your own,

Ecstatic is the soul who knows this, rest are in the crowd yet alone. “


Through the lens of Sujay