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Flawless Vibrations

The soul dances to these tunes so pure, the tranquility I truly admire,

The air has a peculiar essence of bliss, calmness of moon ‘n vivacity of fire. “

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Let’s walk brisk, for food, the family would now have to wait..

The chit chat must continue but, ‘n beautiful should remain the gait. “

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Adiyogi, Isha Ashram

Colossal is your expanse, I am just a minute drop in your enormous ocean,

Glorious are your ways, I’m your ardent disciple and you are the spectacular pivot to my devotion. “



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He rose like a king, glorious, and magnificent, the moon didn’t desire to make them wait,

“Women are so fond of me”, he said with a triumphant smile. “They pray to me for their soulmate.”


Through the lens of Jayati