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They always tell me, number one is the best,

So I guess I am comfortable here, why follow the rest. “

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Aping It

Hey get up buddy let’s have fun, the humans are too scared to be seen together..!

Monkeying each other they landed in a thick soup, they wasted their time and this beautiful weather!! “


Through the lens of Sujay

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Looks do matter, so I asked him to give me a trim so cool,

Now they call me a dude, earlier I was considered a fool..!!


As captured by Sujay

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A Quest

Let me look over what’s going on..where your dad often disappears !

Ah I see him resting on that branch, we won’t let him sleep he fears !!”


Through the lens of Sujay

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Witty World

O raise the world too, dear laughing Buddha

For the people seem to have amusing sense of humour.

On funniest jokes they struggle to laugh,

But they love to mock about a spicy rumour.”


Through the lens of Jayati

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Ah you look so much like me, I thought you guys have progressed..!

Your symbols look just similar to mine and the hairstyle too looks ‘messed’. !! “