A Phenomenal Creation

Your chivalry is spectacular, emotions galore..

Woman you are an enigma, balancing the world around ‘n much more. “



A lover of God's creations, a professional by choice but a writer driven by passion. Infinity is the word that makes me wonder where we belong to and that makes me write. A dental surgeon, nutritionist, dietitian, content writer, lover of French language, i believe that life is a process of continuous exploring and learning.

4 thoughts on “A Phenomenal Creation

  1. A conglomerate of fools,
    Unfettered by any rules
    Determined to make way
    For an early Doomsday.
    Politicians stand by
    Watching myriad people die!
    More concerned about rallies
    And their Assembly seats tallies.
    Priests their prayers chant,
    Their concern for humanity scant.
    Hordes dip into the river,
    Asking God to deliver?
    Pray where is good sense?
    Are we collectively so dense?
    Let our conscience awake,
    For our great country’s sake.
    Else this virus will annihilate
    The pandemic will not abate.

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