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Opportunity is what a predator looks for, for that’s the way he survives,

Be vigilant ’cause ignorance isn’t bliss, you need to be prudent in this world to be alive. “


As captured by Sujay

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The Inherent Dexterity

“Who says we need the qualifications, without tutorials we cant succeed, says who?

The artist in us can never be curbed, given an opportunity, it weaves wonders, through and through !”


Through the lens of Dr Sujay

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Ascertain Thy Fortune

The door to opportunities opens within, you need to have an eye..

Believe that you have the potential, all failures, you deny.”

Don’t think, destiny will discover you one day..don’t wait for time to arrive,

In this war of stable and weak, only the strongest of all, thrive.

Create what you want from life, generate what you desire…

The warmth won’t work anymore for you, you need to light the fire.