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Self Reliance

Oh don’t be a vintage model, which would need a push to make it start..

Be self propelled and autonomous, master of your own mind and heart. “

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Unflappable You

Take charge of your mind, make it believe what you think,

Allow no one to push it low, stay away from the brink..

For the one’s who are joyful, circumstances never cause any pain,

Driver’s seat is yours, to yourself be humane. “

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The Mind Game

For some the mountain is a hindrance, for others it’s a magnificent view,

The perspective sometimes needs to be adjusted, those who realise this, are very few. “

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They always tell me, number one is the best,

So I guess I am comfortable here, why follow the rest. “

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Adiyogi, Isha Ashram

Colossal is your expanse, I am just a minute drop in your enormous ocean,

Glorious are your ways, I’m your ardent disciple and you are the spectacular pivot to my devotion. “